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MEDIAGroundbreaking Research: ADHD can be Treated with Cannabis more Effectively Than Adderall

August 29, 2018

Adam Goldberg | Anon News

Cannabis is currently more acceptable than it probably has been in 100 years or less, since prohibition really began to take effect globally.

Whether the ailment is a chronic illness or a short-term affliction, cannabis is known to be medicinal in treating a plethora of things from neurological disorders, to seizures, to cancer, and everything in-between.

Cannabis isn’t for everybody, and THC is too much for some people who feel less functional or able to socialize under the influence of it, but luckily the other, less psychoactive compounds in cannabis have tons of benefit as well. Most people are familiar with CBD oil.

Have you ever considered that perhaps cannabis would alleviate the symptoms of what is known as ADHD?

In 2008, a case report was published by the Heidelberg University Medical Centre, out of Heidelberg, Germany. Titled “Cannabis improves symptoms of ADHD,” it is clear, tangible evidence that ADHD is yet another thing that cannabis treats better than a pharmaceutical.

The study analyzed 30 patients diagnosed with ADHD, and every last one of them reported improved sleep, concentration, and general reduced impulsivity after consuming cannabis. Each of the 30 patients also reported little to no success with Adderall or Ritalin, which are shamefully referred to as “conventional” treatments to ADHD.

The conclusion drawn by the paper reads:

“The present case report suggests that individuals suffering from ADHD, a dysfunction with a symptomatic change in activity levels, may – in some cases – benefit from cannabis treatment in that it appears to regulate activation to a level which may be considered optimum for performance. There was evidence, that the consumption of cannabis had a positive impact on performance, behaviour and mental state of the subject.”

Keep in mind, this paper was published now about 10 years ago. Imagine how much more research could have been done in that 10 years if it was legal everywhere, for those who need it quantified like that to recognize how cannabis affects the body.

Sometimes, cannabis is “legalized” with all kinds of strings attached, including a more rigid police state in which drivers are more frequently mouth swabbed or checked to see if they had smoked cannabis. That seems to be what will happen to Canada next year when their cannabis legalization laws kick in.

For those who believe everyone would start smoking like crazy the moment it was legalized, reports show that in the cannabis capital of the world and legalization-pioneer, California, even less teens are reportedly smoking.

According to Mercury News:

“Marijuana use among California students dropped in recent years, even as laws legalizing the drug for adults 21 and older started to kick in, according to the latest state-commissioned California Healthy Kids Survey.

One possible reason is that students told surveyors marijuana is harder to get now than it was a few years ago.”


Cannabis is absolutely not more difficult to get in California than it was before, however.

In the US states that have been notorious for frowning upon cannabis and incarcerating people for it throughout the decades, now medical cannabis is transforming the landscape.

Headlines were recently made about Tulsa, Oklahoma accepting medical CBD shops amid their medical legalization.