"I am a first grade teacher who experienced multiple vertebral compression fractures and a spinal fusion in the past 13 months. I've been to many surgeons & pain doctor's trying to find relief. Their only solution has been pain pump or drugs. A friend suggested CBD oil and I've been pretty much pain free since, with NO side effects. Why has no one told me about this before?"

Sharyl C.
Berne, IN
August 1, 2018

"Since I started taking CBD oil, I have much more energy and my anxiety, which I have had for years is almost non-existant. It also takes the edge off my pain between pain medications. My wife notices that I have a much more positive attitude. I would recommend this product to anyone!"

Daniel B.
Laotto, In
July 26, 2018

"I tried CBD oil for two weeks. On the 3rd day I was able to put down pain medication. The oil, along with an anti-inflammatory got me through the day."

Debra A.
Fort Wayne, IN
August 3, 2018

"CBD has been a life changer for me! It has helped lower my blood sugars from 300's to 120-125. It has also helped me sleep better at night due to pain relief. My anxiety is much better as well! I would HIGHLY recommend CBD!"

Jasha G.
Warsaw, IN
August 8, 2018