Safety Information

  • Batch Number – 186
  • Product Name – ReviveMDCBD Oil
  • Batch Date – 11/12/18
  • Expiration Date – 5/1/2020
  • Batch size – 996 bottles
  • Total Quantity Produced – 30 Liters

Raw Hemp Oil, produced by Bulk Hemp Warehouse (no ingredient lot number), CBD Oil (produced by Mata Leao Farms, LLC, Lot number 12),  Spearmint Essential Oil (produced by Jiangxi Xuesong Natural Medicinal Oil, no lot number)

This product contains trace amounts of THC. Exceeding the recommended dosage can cause lightheadedness, anxiety, impaired short-term memory, euphoria, a feeling of relaxation, increased appetite, and reduced blood pressure. Do not drive or operate machinery after exceeding the recommended dose.